Vote. VOTE. VOTE!!!

Vote. VOTE. VOTE!!!

Who doesn't complain about the government in one way or another? My rule is this:

If you didn't vote, no complaints for you.

If you didn't take the time to make your opinion on who runs our government count, then you don't get to make judgements about the actions of the government that you made no say in electing. 

There are, of course, those that don't believe in the Canadian-adopted form of democracy. There are flaws in the system, I acknowledge that and respect the views of those who are adamant that it's the "system" that's wrong. Typically those aren't the people complaining about one politician and touting another.

It's you "politics bashers" out there that I'm talking to. The "I'm-not-going-to-vote-because-I-think-voting-is-useless-and-doesn't-actually-decide-who-runs-this-country" people. Guess what? Just because you won't take the time to familiarize yourself with the election issues, because you don't think your vote counts, doesn't mean your non-vote isn't contributing to who will be a part of the next formed government. 

I've seen countless graphs and stats on social media during this election campaign that point out the number of Canadians that DIDN'T vote in 2011: 39%.


Over 1/3 of eligible Canadian voters decided not to have any input into who runs this country. And I can almost guarantee most of them aren't happy with Harper. 

So this year, on October 19, 2015, get out and vote.


Sidenote: I'll be in Ireland on election day! That's why I'm voting on the ADVANCED POLL DATES during the weekend prior. If you can't vote on election day, take advantage of the Advanced Poll dates.