Travelling on Wifi? Yep!

Travelling on Wifi? Yep!

In planning my trip to Ireland (IN 10 DAYS!) I've been debating with myself: to purchase a data/talk/text roaming package for my cell, or to rely on Wifi? 

At this juncture, I'm leaning towards Wifi. Here's "Wi":

  1. $$$ The Cost $$$:
    These packages are more affordable than they used to be for sure, but when the ability to text costs more than two nights in a hostel, I begin to question if that's where I want my money to go. A talk/text package with Virgin Mobile (my provider) costs $45 for only 60 minutes and 200 outgoing texts (incoming is free at least!). That's without any data.
  2. Wifi is Everywhere!
    Ireland isn't a third-world country. They have cafés and pubs and hostels with free Wifi that I can use to check in with family (so they know I'm alive) and my man (so he knows I miss him!).
  3. Uncertainty That It'll Work:
    I have heard horror stories from friends and family that have travelled and returned home with a monster phone bill, even just to the USA! In speaking with reps at Virgin I'm still in doubt that some mysterious charge won't appear on my bill, despite my relentless questioning and research.
  4. "Unplugged" Time:
    I'm not hopping a plane across the pond to see what you're doing at work on Facebook. This is my time. My time to explore new places, meet new people, and feel connected to this planet and its beautiful scenery. So what if I get a bit turned around in downtown Dublin. I've got decent nav skills (or so my man says, and hey, I agree for the most part) and I know I'll find my way home. People have been "travelling" (read: backpacking, not Jacques Cartier or nomadic people) for centuries... longer. 

So no. I didn't get your text.